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Ron Prokopy


Ron had two major areas of concentration in entomology: the behavioral ecology of insects, and the development and use of integrated pest management (IPM) in agriculture. He was able to combine his interests, developing a body of information the behavior of key pests of Northeast apple orchards, and using that data to develop an IPM strategy for apple growers. This was a tremendously successful endeavor – in addition to publishing over 400 scientific papers, Ron introduced IPM practices to tree fruit growers in New England.
Ron Prokopy

Once the growers were convinced that these techniques worked, they became enthusiastic proponents of IPM, and for a time, this region was a world leader in researching and implementing IPM practices on the farm. The fact that several IPM consultants, myself included, is testimony to the fact that IPM works and that New England growers are willing to investigate new methods in managing pests with minimal chemical intervention.

Thus far, Ron has not been replaced as a Tree Fruit Entomologist at UMass, Amherst. Apple growers continue to be highly motivated to use IPM, and the local orchard consultants are doing everything we can to promote its use with our clients and beyond. But without the backing of research at a land grant university, it is difficult to progress beyond what we know already. As new pests arise and new tactics become available, we are in danger of falling behind in our knowledge and use of IPM.

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is seeking contributions toward creating an endowed chair in tree fruit entomology, dedicated to Ron Prokopy. Please consider making a donation to this cause; for further information contact Wes Autio at the UMass Department of Plant, Soil and Insects Sciences, autio@pssci.umass.edu. Thank you!


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